About Me

Maureen 18 Apr , 2013

orgasmicchefEveryone comes to the About Me page.  Many of my food loving friends already know that I’ve been blogging for quite a while on my blog at OrgasmicChef.com.  I’ve wanted to do a local food and wine blog for quite a while and one day I just decided to do it.

I’m Maureen Shaw and I’m a transplanted American who’s now a dinky di Aussie and I’m in love with the coast.  I live in the waterside community of Minyama, right in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.  There is so much to do here if you feel like “doing” but if you just want to sit still and enjoy a quiet peace, that’s here for you too.

The Sunshine Coast is a holiday destination filled with tourism options but we’re also a freestanding region with industry, education and health care.  There is great shopping, lots to do for fun and where I get involved, there’s a terrific amount of wonderful food from ethically sourced meat and poultry to the freshest seafood right off the boat.

I’m available for speaking engagements on the Sunshine Coast food experience or any aspect of blogging or food writing.  Please click the contact page to get in touch.