Jake and Elle Do Minyama Proud on My Kitchen Rules

Jake and ElleUnless you’ve been living under a television rock, you’re aware that the cooking duo Jake and Elle from the Sunshine Coast were in the My Kitchen Rules finals.  I watched their first episode and it was fun.

The night of their taping, the entire street was lit up with movie lights and the canal was lit up as well.    The MKR team arrived at dawn and they didn’t finish cleaning up and leaving before 2am.  Talk about a long day!

How do I know that?  I live 2 doors down from their parents where their episode was taped.  All the neighbourhood was pulling for Jake and Ellie.  She might be listed as Elle but we all know her as Ellie.


The family travels around the world frequently so the two have eaten food from some of the fanciest places in the world and their mother Josie is a fantastic cook.  They definitely learned their love of cooking from her.

When they applied for My Kitchen Rules, nobody was surprised that they’d be selected.  They both have a great personality and are friendly to everyone they meet.

In their real lives, Ellie studies business and law at QUT and Jake studies performance and dance when his body isn’t giving him issues.  While Jake is quite flamboyant, Ellie is quietly competitive.  I really expected them to win My Kitchen Rules for 2013 but second place isn’t too bad.  It was a heroic effort.

For their third course they served a lobster stack on semolina crackers.  I have no idea  how it tasted but it was gorgeous on the plate.

Jake and Elle's First Course

For their fourth course, they served a confit duck with Jerusalem artichoke puree and balsamic sauce.

Jake and Elle's Confit Duck

And for the final course, the brother and sister team chose strawberry and amaretto semifreddo

Jake and Elle's Dessert

And with all that, they didn’t win.  The contest was really close I thought so coming in second is still a great outcome.  Fingers crossed that they’ll be back again for all-stars or something better.



Written By Maureen

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