Mooloolaba – a Very Friendly Part of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

When we were looking for a new place to live, I fell in love with Mooloolaba on our first visit. We began looking in Queensland starting out at Tweeds Head and drove north to Noosa and then decided we wanted a second look at Mooloolaba. We stayed at the Coco Mooloolaba Apartments and when the managers were so friendly and accomodating I decided I could fit in well here. They told us where we could get great food, what not to miss in the area, where to shop and really made us feel welcome.

Mooloolaba, Queensland

If you think that’s common, we’ve traveled a lot around the world and our experience at this hotel was different. We took of for a leisurely stroll along the esplanade and were surprised by how many people said hello. Even now, after living in the area for quite a while, it still feels like being on holiday to stroll along the waterfront, have a coffee or an ice cream and then come back to work.

Mooloolaba Beach

The day we moved into our home in Minyama, you can imagine how tired we were.  We’d traveled from New Zealand with a dog and 2 cats and “stuff” and we were exhausted.  We looked a fright but decided to stop in at a local restaurant and hoped we wouldn’t get kicked out.  It was just around the corner from where we live and it was early so we figured we wouldn’t offend anyone by looking the way we did.

Imagine our surprise when the owner met us at the door and introduced herself and said we looked fine for an early dinner and she could relate to our moving experience. Once we’d ordered she came back to our table and spent a long time telling us where to shop, a good doctor, what hair salon I should use, where the library was, where the council offices were to register the pets – the list goes on and on.  This was from a woman running a busy restaurant!

Picnic Spot in Mooloolaba

The next morning before the moving vans had arrived we’d met our new neighbours and their dogs.  We haven’t had one unpleasant experience in the Mooloolaba, Cotton Tree, Alexandra Headlands & Minyama area.

When you plan your next Queensland holiday, don’t skip Mooloolaba!

Written By Maureen

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