Wild Rocket @ Misty’s in Montville

I love visiting Montville in the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast.  It’s not that far away and I’m instantly transported to holiday mode when I’m there.  Being a food lover, there’s always new food to try, book shops, souvenirs, toys and as the lawyer in The Castle said, “It’s the vibe.”

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of dining at Wild Rocket @ Misty’s on the main street in Montville.  Joining me were Lorraine Elliott of Not Quite Nigella fame and Ranee Veerassamay of Rani’s Cuisine and Martin Duncan of Freestyle Escape Art and Cooking School as well as Freestyle Tout in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. Nearly forgot, my husband John was with me too.

Lorraine was on the coast to give a talk and we’ve been friends for a long time.  It started out by me stalking her blog but that’s a story for another day.

Chef Peter and Belinda Brettell from Wild Rocket at Misty's in Montville

Wild Rocket was first opened in 2010 by British chef Peter Brettell and his wife Belinda and everything they serve is made onsite from bread to stock, sauces, jams, chutneys, scones,  cakes – you name it and they’ve made it themselves.

Food Tales, The Photographer, the chef and the bloggerPeter and I, along with photographer Chris Klaas from Chris Klass Photography and food stylist Leanne Cameron are presenting a workshop in Maleny on the 22nd of June called The Photographer, the Chef and the Blogger for Food Tales sponsored by the Queensland Writers Centre and the State Library of Queensland.  It should be fun. Come on along!

Not that  I had any worries, but I wanted to see what Peter’s food was like.   I was SO glad we went.

We arrived in Montville just after dark and the restaurant, one of the most historic buildings in Montville, was brightly lit and we were hungry.  It was a chilly night and we were all smiles when we walked through the door and were seated next to the glowing fire.

Wild Rocket at Misty's Dining Room

The service at Wild Rocket is claimed to be the best in Montville and we weren’t disappointed.  The most difficult thing was trying to decide what to eat.  What do a group of food lovers do?  We agree at the outset to share, so instead of 1 appetiser, 1 main and 1 dessert, we each shared 5 appetisers, 5 mains and 5 desserts.  Win!

I chose the pork cheek entree and I wasn’t disappointed – it melted in my mouth.  John had a goats cheese salad that was full of apple, creamy goats cheese, fennel and honey.  Lorraine had steamed wontons that were plump and and moreish served with a green paw paw salad — and it had a bit of a kick.  She could have used more spice and I was fanning myself.

Steamed Pork & Prawn Wontons with Spicy Green Paw Paw

Rani had Thai spanner crab cakes that were generously filled with crab, crunchy on the outside and soft and wonderful on the inside.  They were served on a bed of saffron aioli with a side of pickled vegetables.

Thai spanner crab cakes on saffron aioli

I won’t bore you with all the photos from our dinner but if you’re asking yourself, “where to eat on the Sunshine Coast?” and you haven’t been to Wild Rocket @ Misty’s, you should give it a try.  The place is clean as a whistle, the food is full of flavour and homemade and the owners take such pride in making sure that all their customers go away satisfied (and full!)

There was no flourless chocolate cake left when we were done eating so I need to go back for that.  The honey and vanilla bean pannacotta served with a red wine poached pear and a sesame tuile was a great second choice.

This is now one of my favourite Sunshine Coast restaurants.

Written By Maureen

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